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Welcome to the Unchronicled News web site. This web site highlights stories about outstanding people, and their outstanding accomplishments.

The following individuals, and their stories, are noted stories which may, may not, have been told on a national scale. These stores may have information about some of our special friends who have experienced some significant event or accomplishment which we would like to take this opportunity to highlight. This information may have already been published by a local or national media outlet, but many of our friends still may not be aware of these significant accomplishments or events. This is "Where the Unchronicled become the chronicled".


What's Happennin' Out There?

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Chronicling Outstanding People

Eric V. Turner
Eric V. Turner was recently featured in the February 27, 2006 issue of Jet Magazine. See page 24, in the PeoplePeoplePeoplePeople section. He was named the president of the Council on Government Ethics Laws (COGEL). The first black president of COGEL in its 27-year history. Let's all congratulate Eric on doing a job well done, and for receiving positive press for his accomplishments. Additionally, please see the below linked press releases.


Eric V. Turner's appearance on "Tank Talk", on Feb. 22nd, 2013. This was broadcast on Martha's Vineyard Community Television, Channel 13.

The Freedom of Information Act Approaches Middle Age

Eric V. Turner, presented with the (SPJ) "Helen M. Loy Award 2010"

JET MAGAZINE ARTICLE, Dated February 27, 2006


FOIC Lawyer Gains National Prominence

The "Clean Slate" Project: Who Should Referee The Internet?

Michael E. Sands
Michael Sands is the “drill sergeant” for managing projects successfully. He provides a battle plan for completing projects on schedule and on budget. He is the project manager’s coach and the executive advisor to gaining a competitive advantage through the execution of projects.


Sands Consulting Group, President Michael E. Sands

(703) 339-1113 (Office)


Mariana Trejos
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Mariana Trejos' Web Site




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Melanie Milasinovich

Melanie Milasinovich’s treasure house of healing has been built from her years of nourishing herself and others. Beginning her culinary achievements she launched “Biting Into Life” her successful catering business which birthed a book of the same title. Known for her mastery of cooking, she added Ethnic Cuisine Feasts to Naropa University’s roster of outstanding events. She was a pioneer in the Natural Food Industry feeding thousands with nutritionally balanced feasts. Then as a global teacher of proper food combining, the rich & famous wanted Melanie to command the galley of their mega yachts and historical tall ships which she did for 4 years.


Paella, the Queen of all Spanish Dishes

For over 25 years Melanie Milasinovich’s passion welcomes others on an inventive journey working with Source. A way with Food and all the practices passed down from our wizened Masters. Designed to unravel the confused, feed the hungry Soul, satisfy the longing Heart, & keep alive the seed of Existence. My passion for the love of food extends to many who have longed to Feast, who strive to rise above tremulous times and for those who remember the bonds which brings life; soul to soul.

" As long as there is a Seed, the Earth to bear it, the Waters to birth it, Our Love will never die, All for the Love of Food."

Melanie Milasinovich Web Site: The Sacred Way

People String - Paella Queen

Robert Brooks, aka "Buzz", or the Buzzard, is a well known personality in the San Francisco Bay area. He is not only a fantastic entertainer, of which his many talents include singing, as a pianist, music arranger, and, also, as a very entertaining nightclub entertainer, he is also an all around great guy. It is with great pride that I highlight "Buzz" on the Unchronicled web site and introduce you to this multi-talented individual. He is someone who is worthy of special note, and previously "Unchronicled".


Singer, Pianist, Arranger, and Extraordinary Performer!

I highly recommend you view his web sites, linked below, and sample his highly entertaining CD, available for purchase at his web site, www.buzzbrooks.com.

Robert "Buzz" Brooks' Fantastic YouTube Videos

Robert "Buzz" Brooks' Web Site

Robert "Buzz" Brooks' MySpace Page


Warren Thompson, Jr.

If there are other noted stories which you think are worthy of coverage, and being chronicled, please email us with your suggestion to be an "Unchronicled" story and publication. Thank you for your support.


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The Discrimination Gap

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Milton Friedman Was Wrong!

The Proposed Corporate Responsibility Act

Questions and Answers Surrounding the New Healthcare Measure

Healthcare: The Collective Moral Obligation

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Please invite all your friends, as well as the general public, to view these unchronicled stories, and become aware of these positive accomplishments of our special friends. Again, congratulations to the above "Unchronicled" special friends on their positive accomplishments. And in closing, thank you for visiting this web site, and please come back often and please do spread the word about our web site, "Unchroniced News Stories".

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