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eBook - "The Hamburger Story of Investing", Author Warren Thompson, Jr.

What is The Hamburger Story and why did I write this book? I wrote this book, "The Hamburger Story of Investing", to help the new and inexperienced investor better understand growth stock investing, by way of an easy to read story about a hamburger restaurant started by three entrepreneurs. Thank you for your patronage. This eBook is available at Amazon.com for as little as $2.99

eBook - "The Smartest Personal Financial Decision Ever: FEATURING "THE LAWRENCE SHEFFIELD STORY" , Author Warren Thompson, Jr.

This one lesson, conveyed by my book, entitled The Smartest Personal Financial Decision Ever!, can make the difference from a life of living paycheck to paycheck, or a life of financial abundance. It can make the difference between poverty or wealth, a life filled with financial stress, or a life of financial ease.

In the telling of The Lawrence Sheffield Story, though the story is true, I changed the names of the individuals in this story, and the name of the insurance company they worked for, to de-emphasize the real personalities involved, and the real organization they worked for, because the lesson is not unique to the actual personalities involved, or the actual organization that they worked for. The real importance is the lesson itself.

I strongly suggest you read, learn and incorporate this lesson into your life. This lesson may help you manage your personal financial affairs much better then you every have before. Learning this lesson can, literally, change your life, and lead you on a path of greater financial security, financial success, and greater happiness. I implore you to read, learn, and practice this lesson. It may change your life, and become The Smartest Personal Financial Decision Ever! that you ever make! Thank you for your patronage. This eBook is available at Amazon.com for as little as $2.99

eBook - "Old School Lessons That Still Get A Passing Grade! , Author Warren Thompson, Jr.

All to often the lessons accrued during a life time of experience from previous generations are not passed on, and shared with future generations. These valuable lessons are often ignored, loss, and forgotten, dooming future generations to start from scratch, having to re-learn what has already been learned, but not passed on, and shared. This book is meant to correct this situation, and create a link bridging one generations lessons to be shared with all others. For those who wish to learn from what has been learned, and is still true today, valued lessons from previous Old School generations, this book was written for you. Thank you for your patronage. This eBook is available at Amazon.com for as little as $2.99